Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kilimanjaro 2013

In the summer of 2013 The Art-tree Foundation will be climbing Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa and the world's highest free-standing mountain, in order to raise funds to build a local community art centre in Kampala, Uganda.

The precise dates are still to be arranged and may depend on the group size but should roughly be around the months June-August 2013.

Again the price of the climb is still to be arranged primarily due to the increasing group size. The minimum for such a climb however is around £1000 (including flights) and maximum we will be paying is £1600. This is a self funded climb with the option for those that want to, to fundraise for The Art-tree Foundation.

What will the money raised go towards?
For those that are raising money for The Art-tree Foundation the money/sponsorship raised will make a difference to a young person’s life in a number of ways. The Art-tree Foundation is dedicated to creating spaces and creative educational programs that nurture and empower a new generation in Uganda, a generation who will use this opportunity as an artistic platform to express their creativity. The Art-tree Foundation has the reach and access to truly make changes. Innovative programs and great relationships with local organisations in Uganda mean that the money goes right to where it is needed.

Essentially as mentioned above the money will go towards creating a community art centre in Kampala, Uganda where there is still a real need for amenities of this sort especially for street children which are growing in numbers.

Overall fitness required...
Although it is possible to simply trek a route to the pinnacle of Kibo without relying on professional climbing equipment, it remains a hard and serious endeavour that requires a level of physical fitness, stamina and a realistic awareness of the potentially damaging effects of high altitudes.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is actually a good deal more difficult than most people think. The vast majority of trekkers do not completely get their heads around this fact until their trek is underway. Kilimanjaro may well be the most physically demanding thing you ever do, but also one of the most rewarding.

Many tour operators request that clients consult a doctor before attempting to scale the mountain, and have a physical check-up for overall fitness.

Before we climb Kilimanjaro we will be organising some training sessions which will include climbing the likes of Mt Snowdon. Not only will it help us get in better shape these sessions will be good for ‘group bonding’!

We currently have a team of 9 at present but are looking to increase this. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along, the more the merrier! If you would like to get involved or would like to know more about the trip please don't hesitate to contact us at: and we will get back to you straight away 

The team will also be looking for corporate and individual sponsorship for the climb, so for anyone interested in this can again contact us at: